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The Laiyuan Karst Cave Group is composed of caves of different sizes. The famous caves are Youqin Cave, Xianyun Cave and Shiyan Cave. The stalactite in the cave are in beautiful shape. A large number of superimposed sedimentary stalagmites, candlestick-like pillars, curly stone branches deposited by capillary water, and a large-scale fine grain rimstone dam deposited by sheet water are extremely unique.

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Nanshanding Caldera is located in the Liaotianshan Mountain, which is in the junction of Laiyuan Town, Liancheng County and Wan'an Town, Xinluo District. It is characterized by positive landform with steep slopes. Agglomerates, volcanic breccias, tuffs and volcanic bombs formed by volcanic eruption can be observed at Nanshanding.

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普遍分布的花岗岩风化壳为的生长提供了养分,梅花山森林覆盖率达 95.4%,是闽西生物多样性最为丰富的地区,有1869种维管植物、362种脊椎动物2000种昆虫在这里世代繁衍是钟萼木、南方红豆杉、华南虎和金斑喙凤蝶等珍稀植物的家园。

Gouzinao, the highest peak of Meihuashan Mountain, with an altitude of 1811m, is the highest peak in Western Fujian. The water system of radial pattern is formed with Gouzinao and Jiangjunshan mountain at the center, becoming one of the main sources of the three major water systems in Fujian Province, namely Minjiang River, Tingjiang River and Jiulongjiang River.

The body of Meihuashan Mountain is granite. Its diverse tectonic setting (Early Paleozoic intracontinental orogeny, Indosinian collision orogeny and Paleo-Pacific plate subduction), multi-ages (Early Paleozoic, Triassic, late Jurassic, Cretaceous), and various rock types (gneissic granite, monzogranite containing K-feldspar megacrysts, syenogranite, granodiorite and miarolitic alkaline feldspar granite),are the microcosm and typical representative of the multi-stage granites in South China, which has got international geological significance. The weathering in the later stage makes granite form a unique granite peaks and spheroidal stone landform.

The widely distributed granite weathering crust provides nutrients for the growth of animals and vegetation. The forest coverage of Meihuashan Mountain is 95.4%. It is the area with the richest biodiversity in Western Fujian. There are 1869 vascular plants, 362 vertebrates and nearly 2000 kinds of insects living here for generations. It is the home of rare animals and plants, such as Bretschneidera sinensis, Taxus chinensis, South China Tiger and Teinopalpus aureus.

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黄连盂主峰海拔 1807m,为闽西第二高峰。构成山体的岩石为砂砾岩、砂岩,质地坚硬。受山体抬升及断裂控制,经流水侵蚀风化剥蚀、重力崩塌等作用,发育了单面山、崖壁、峡谷等地貌。著名的景观有伟人峰江山睡美人黄连盂大绝壁等。风光美不胜收,令人心驰神往。

The main peak of Huanglianyu Mountain is 1807m above sea level, which is the second peak in Western Fujian. The rock forming the mountain body is sandy conglomerate and sandstone with hard texture. Under the control of mountain uplift and fracture, the cuesta, precipice, canyon and other landforms are developed under the action of water erosion, weathering and denudation and gravity collapse. Famous landscapes like the "Great Man Peak", the "Sleeping Beauty" and the Huanglianyu Precipice are all fascinating sceneries.

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紫金山位于龙岩地质公园的西南部,由花岗岩与火山岩构成。紫金山铜金矿床形成于约1亿年前的火山隐爆角砾岩中,是世界级高硫化浅成低温热液金属矿床。金矿体形成于上部的氧化带岩层中,在下部的原生带岩层中形成铜矿体。这种上金下铜的成矿模式,被形象的比喻为铜娃娃戴了个金帽子它的发现是中国铜金矿勘探史上的一次重大突破,为国内外寻找铜金矿床提供了借鉴模式。1996 年荣获国家科技进步一等奖,2008年荣膺“中国第一大金矿”。

紫金山金铜矿坚持绿色发展的理念:既要金山铜山,更要绿水青山!一系列矿山复垦和旅游项目的建设,延伸了矿山的产业链,成为全国首批“国家矿山公园”、“矿产资源综合利用示范基地”和 “国家级绿色矿山试点单位”。

Zijinshan Mountain, located in the southwest of Longyan Geopark, is composed of granite and volcanic rock. Zijinshan Copper-Gold Deposit was formed in the volcanic cryptoexplosive breccia about 100 million years ago. It is a world-class high-sulfur epithermal deposit. The gold ore body is formed in the upper oxidation zone and the copper ore body in the lower primary zone. This metallogenic model of "gold up and copper down" is figuratively described as "the copper doll with a gold hat". Its discovery is a major breakthrough in the history of copper and gold exploration in China, and provides a reference model for the exploration of copper and gold deposits at home and abroad. It won the first prize of National Scientific and Technological Progress Award in 1996 and the prize of "China's Largest Gold Mine" in 2008.

Zijinshan Gold & Copper Mine adheres to the concept of green development: we give priority not only to productivity and profits, but also to our natural environment! The development of mine reclamation and industrial tourism projects has extended the industrial chain of the mine, becoming the member of the first batch of "National Mine Park", the "Demonstration Base of the Mineral Resources Comprehensive Utilization " and the "National Green Mine Pilot Unit".

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Joints are the cracks on the rock outcrop, which is the most common geological structure. There are six joints in different directions which cause the Danxia Landform of Guanzhaishan Mountain. The joints are intersected at the rock, like a chessboard, hence named the chessboard joint. The existence of these joints forms the horizontal and vertical ravines, the stone walls and the stone castles.

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Dozens of cuestas are scattered along over ten miles from the Guanzhaishan to the Jiulonghu lake, where a large number of rock pillar, rock wall and stone castle, such as the “Lovers Rock”, the “Cone Peak”, the “Huiwangzhongyuan Peak”, the “Goddess Peak” and the “Matoushi Mountain” are developed. The peaks are grand and magnificent, making a "Ten-mile Painted Screen".

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Planation surface refers to the land surface formed by various planation processes. The planation is the action of external forces acting on the undulating surface, which gradually cuts the higher part to fill in the lower part and finally turns into the flat surface. Since 5.3 million years ago, the Guanzhishan area has experienced intermittent uplift movements. After each uplift, new weathering erosion has been initiated, or the existing landforms have been transformed, or new landforms have been formed. These marks of crustal uplift are systematically recorded on the fourth level planation plane developed in this area.

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It is named from its shape like a horse's head with its head raised and whinnying. According to the study of geologists, the formation of this landscape is controlled by the NE, NNW and NW vertical fractures developed in the purple red thick conglomerate, and the main driving force for the formation of peak cluster landform is long-term weathering and erosion, water erosion and gravity collapse.

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天一温泉位于侵入岩地热异常区,出露于赖坊-庙前大断裂南端,温泉水温68.569.5℃,日出水量为2千吨,矿化度343.69354.5mg/lPH8.338.45,水质类型为HCO- 3—Na+,为弱碱性水。目前已形成集沐浴、生态旅游、休闲于一体的温泉度假地

Tianyi Hot Spring is located in the geothermal anomaly area of intrusive rocks and exposed in the south of Laifang-Miaoqian Fault. The water temperature is 68.5-69.5 ℃ and the flow of the exposed hot spring is 803 m3/d. The salinity can reach 343.69-354.5mg/l, the PH value is 8.33-8.45, and the water quality type is HCO- 3—Na+, which is weak alkaline water. It has now become a popular spa resort.

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形成于距今约4.3亿年前志留,是目前当地发现的最古老的花岗岩。这种花岗岩的典型特点是岩石由长石、石英、角闪石、黑云母等粗矿物颗粒构成,并发育有长度在 3-5 厘米的钾长石巨晶。

Formed in the Silurian about 430 million years ago, it is the oldest granite discovered in the area. The typical feature of this granite is that the rock is composed of feldspar, quartz, hornblende, biotite and other coarse mineral particles, and megacrysts of K-feldspar develops with a length of 3-5cm.

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The granite formed 430 million years ago has been changed by the multi-stage crustal movements and magmatism in Meihuashan Mountain, and the feldspar, quartz (granular minerals) and mica (schistose minerals) in the rocks have been orientated in certain direction. These rocks are mainly distributed in Buyun, Sibao and Peitian Ancient Village.